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Mobility Measure

Establishing a Multi- Governance Technical Office

Implementing sustainable mobility

In order to enhance the function of the Old Port areas, exploit all advantages deriving from the Old Port localization and structure and integrate these areas into the Urban Mobility Strategy, the city of Trieste will undertake a multi-governance approach. A dedicated technical office will be established in charge of managing all procedures to incorporate the Old Port into the urban context. The office will be a networking point for all the public entities interested. The office will be in charge also for the relations with stakeholders and citizens. Main stakeholder are private companies, port actors, mobility providers, hoteliers-shops, taxi-drives, and tourist information services but also no profit companies, citizens are represented by committee, organizations, etc. Given the outstanding importance of the Old Port area for the development of the city, a massive information campaign will be launched and at the same time contributions from stakeholders and citizens will be asked and gathered in order to implement a participated decision making process. The office will organize public round tables, conferences, forum, public meetings in order to spread out information and ask for contributions and data.

Basic Information

January 2017

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