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Over the last two years, a co-creative participation process has been set up in each of the CVITAS SUNRISE Action Neighbourhoods in Bremen, Budapest, Jerusalem, Malmo, Southend-On-Sea and Thessalon...

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: 13/Nov/2019

The investment will help build missing connections across the continent while focusing on safer, smarter and more sustainable transport modes.

Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc stated: ...

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: 08/Nov/2019

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Indicators (SUMI) project invites you to save the date for the launch of its online indicator training course!

Author: Marcel Braun
Posted on: 07/Nov/2019

A new analysis of air quality in Europe by the European Environment Agency (EEA) shows that exposure to air pollution caused around 400,000 premature deaths in the European Union (EU) in 2016.

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: 30/Oct/2019

CIVITAS PROSPERITY, a SUMP project which finished at the end of August, has a wide variety of training materials to assist with SUMP planning support.

Author: Claus Köllinger
Posted on: 25/Oct/2019

The SLoCaT Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport is lead on the Transport and Climate Change Global Status Report (TCC-GSR), a fla...

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: 24/Oct/2019

This year's award will focus on the inclusion of safe, active mobility in sustainable urban mobility planning (SUMP).

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: 17/Oct/2019

EAFO presents data and information on alternative fuels and clean vehicles across the continent, mapping their introduction and use, as well as related infrastructure. It also catalogues existing i...

Author: Pasquale Cancellara
Posted on: 15/Oct/2019

The first of these will look at the newly launched second edition of the EU SUMP Guidelines. 

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: 14/Oct/2019

Unveiled at the recent CIVITAS Forum 2019 in Graz, they open with a general overview of each project.

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: 09/Oct/2019

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